February start-up for Kingaroy pilot plant

The pilot burn of Cougar Energy’s underground coal gasification (UCG) power project in Kingaroy, central Queensland, is on track to take place in February.

The gas processing plant has been assembled as construction works continues before ignition of the gasification process.

“Our plan of works continues to remain on schedule, for ignition to commence in February 2010,” Cougar Energy UCG projects manager, John Henderson said.

“The gas processing unit is the key component of our pilot plant that will allow Cougar Energy to accurately evaluate the composition and production of syngas which will in turn optimise the design and operation of a full-scale power plant project and the turbine equipment,” Mr Henderson said.

“The modular design of this newly-constructed gas processing plant is especially well suited to a pilot operation. Significantly, the relocatable design allows it to be quickly dismantled and set up in a new location for our next UCG project.”

The 400 MW Kingaroy power station project is the company’s flagship operation. Current planning forecasts commercial production of electricity from the first stage of the power plant in 2013.

All major equipment deliveries have been made to the Kingaroy site, including the injection air compressors. Construction of the evaporation pond has progressed well and installation of a special polyethylene liner has commenced.