Energy RTO offers new training courses

ENERGEX EsiTrain will unveil new and upgraded technical training courses for electricity and energy distribution workers at a series of industry events throughout 2010.

A registered training organisation, EsiTrain is the training department of Queensland electricity and energy supplier, ENERGEX.

The nationally accredited courses will offer trade and post-trade training in areas such as high voltage live line and overhead, underground cable jointing and high voltage switching. Courses offered range from basic compliance training such as resuscitation and rescue from a switchboard to more specialised training including high voltage live work, paper insulated cable jointing and high voltage access and switching procedures.

The new training materials, which have been complemented by the upgrading of EsiTrain’s Brisbane facilities, mark the company’s return to the external training market.

“We’ve invested a great deal in the upgrade of our training materials and facilities,” EsiTrain manager, Bernard Van Den Bergen said.

“I’m looking forward to getting back out there to share these developments with others in the industry.”

EsiTrain courses enable customers to efficiently gain a wider range of competencies that reduce costs and increase productivity, he said.

In addition to the new and upgraded instructor-lead training courses, EsiTrain has recently begun releasing the first of its e-learning modules. These modules are designed to create time and cost efficiencies for both its internal and external customers, whilst ensuring the required outcomes are achieved.