Energy ministers must work together: ENA

The COAG Energy Council will meet this week in response to the South Australian state wide blackout.

The Energy Users Association has issued a statement on behalf of its members calling for a cooperative and strategic response to Australia’s energy transition.

The call comes ahead of an emergency COAG meeting of energy ministers tomorrow and in the wake of the state-wide blackout in South Australia last week and the political handball between the states and federal governments.

ENA says Australia is going through a major transition towards a lower carbon emissions economy.

“The storm and subsequent blackout in South Australia underline the vital importance of energy security, and the vulnerability of our increasingly complex electricity system to natural disasters,” they said.

“Before the storm and blackout, South Australia also experienced significant energy price rises and volatility.”

The ENA lists factors causing volatility as gas supply, closure of coal-fired power plants and increases in renewable energy generation.

“Both sides of politics at the federal and state levels share responsibility for the current state of the national energy system and for developing effective solutions to it,” ENA said.

“Australia’s energy ministers must work together.”