ActewAGL and Vyro secure exclusive supply of EVs

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Electricity retailer ActewAGL has secured an exclusive supply of electric vehicles (EVs) to customers in the ACT and surrounds through an exciting partnership with Australia’s first virtual EV dealership, Vyro. 

Demand for EVs globally has been outstripping supply, with those buying an EV waiting up to two years for cars to be delivered. Despite the global supply challenges, the ACT has achieved the highest level of EV ownership in Australia, with growth expected to accelerate as supply chain issues resolve and generous incentives encourage the transition to more sustainable transport solutions. 

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ActewAGL’s new online evHub provides services to help customers find, finance and charge EVs. Through the online evFind service—delivered through ActewAGL’s partnership with Vyro—customers can purchase new and used vehicles from six different brands in just a few minutes. 

“The greatest barrier being faced relevant to EV ownership, is the availability of vehicles. Partnering with Vyro for ActewAGL’s evFind service provides customers with the opportunity to own an EV sooner—through a trusted source, and safe, simple and speedy process,” ActewAGL group manager energy transition products Todd Eagles said. 

Vyro co-founder and CEO Will Wise recognised that Australians are behind the rest of the world in EV ownership and has sought to provide a wider range of vehicles—delivered via an easy and transparent process across the purchase and financing journey. Compared to traditional car dealerships, Vyro’s multi-brand approach gives customers the opportunity to choose the most appropriate car for their needs. 

“Most people will have heard of some electric car brands in Australia such as Tesla, Polestar and Hyundai, but aren’t aware of all the available options. So, at Vyro, we’re offering a wide variety of brands, and a selection of second-hand electric vehicles, to give ActewAGL’s customers a large range to choose from,” Wise said. 

ActewAGL has set ambitious goals to embrace and encourage more sustainable energy solutions in the local community. ActewAGL’s community goals align with the ACT Government’s legislated target to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 and include a commitment to help the community achieve 1 in 4 households driving an electric vehicle, powered by electricity from sustainable sources, by 2030. 

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In parallel, ActewAGL is looking to build confidence that EV charging is accessible wherever drivers may need it, including through solutions at home, in business locations or through public charging stations. 

In partnership with Evie Networks, ActewAGL has been expanding and upgrading its EV public charging network in Canberra—with an additional 70 public charging stations due for completion by October 2023. 

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