World’s longest wind turbine blade completes its first journey

Image courtesy LM Wind Power

The world’s longest wind turbine blade, measuring 88.4m-long, has hit the road for the first time, in what could be the largest cargo ever transported on Danish roads.

Travelers on Denmark’s highway E45 witnessed the impressive sight as the blade left LM Wind Power’s factory in Lunderskov and ended its 218km trip in Aalborg, where it will undergo further testing.

For LM Wind Power blade transportation senior manager Koos van der Zee, the trip represented nine months of planning and coordination.

“The whole experience was amazing – hundreds of people lining the streets and bridges, to watch the world’s longest blade pass,” he said.

The entire route was carefully mapped out in advance, and specialists were ready to temporarily dismantle guardrails and sign posts where necessary. The full cargo measured just under 100m long, with a loaded height of 4.47m at its highest point – allowing for only 3cm of extra space when passing under bridges.

Watch the turbine blade being transported on YouTube.