Transformer delivery cuts through tough terrain

Tenix navigated through sensitive mountain environments and local communities to deliver a new substation at Mt Tamborine, Queensland in May.

As the principle contractor, Tenix was involved in the design, construction and testing of a 33/11 kV substation and switchroom on the Gold Coast’s most northerly plateau. A favourite retreat for visitors and home to a mountain community, concern for the natural environment and impact on local businesses, schools and residents was at the forefront in community consultation planning.

Before works commenced and during each phase of the project, Tenix met with business owners affected during the works and worked closely with communities to ensure that working times, construction noise and restricted access to public spaces were agreed and understood.

Tight timeframes were also a challenge with a ‘not negotiable’ delivery date for the transformer and modular building.

The transformer had to be housed in an enclosure with a concrete tilt panel construction method. To minimise impact on time and cost, Tenix completed all the form work and poured the seven concrete tilt panels on-site. This minimised construction time and saved substantial freight costs.

With transporters and crane company works commencing the night before, the 35 tonne 15 MVA transformer and 28 tonne modular building were successfully landed on schedule.

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