Electricians at a high risk of injury

With high risks surrounding the work of many electricians, Pro-Visual Publishing is urging electricians and employers within the electrical industry through its Electrical Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2010/2011 to implement preventative safety measures.

The three most common hazards in the electrical industry are electric shock caused by direct contact with a live current, burns which are often suffered due to arcing or explosion and injuries sustained from toxic gases.

This year’s guide, which is distributed free of charge, details the daily risks taken within the electrical industry, such as catching live cables and completing work in cramped postures, and highlights the actions that can be taken to prevent and reduce manual handling injuries.

“The Electrical Industry Guide to Workplace Safety is an easily accessible resource for members of the industry,” Safety Institute of Australia national president, Barry Silburn said.

“This edition of the guide provides valuable, up-to-date information regarding electrical safety tips, the dangers of working live, manual handling and safe work procedures and safety apparel.”

The guide encourages industry workers to wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with electricity. PPE may include safety helmets, safety glasses, insulating gloves as well as protective clothing and footwear.

Also included in this year’s guide are safety tips to help prevent accidents or injuries occurring before, during and following the completion of work.