Top 5 most unusual blackout causes in 2017

Animals, trash and a “malicious digger” were among some of the strangest causes of power outages in Australia last year.

Eaton’s annual Blackout Tracker Report has revealed overall power outages in Australia increased by 19 per cent last year, and some of the reasons behind the blackouts are simply absurd.

  1. Animal magnetism, April 4 – Wangaratta, Victoria

Despite protective devices being installed on equipment, an unidentified critter managed to make its way into a substation, resulting in 18,000 customers losing power for two-and-ahalf hours.

  1. Dig deep, November 29 – Inverall, New South Wales

“Malicious digging” by a member of the public was cited as the source behind a blackout that left 2221 customers in the dark. The intentional digging not only caused a power line to fall, but also triggered a small grass fire.

  1. Eat crow, October 19 – Hobart, Tasmania

A crow collided with some TasNetworks infrastructure, leaving 1390 households to swelter through one of the hottest nights of the year without power.

  1. Trash talk, November 6 – Noosaville, Queensland

Firefighters sprayed a swimming pool’s worth of water into a waste collection truck full of burning compressed cardboard that was stuck outside a service station. The truck was emptying a bin when it struck a powerline feeding into the station.

  1. What a bird brain, March 4 – Albany, Western Australia

A bird made contact with a transmission line, causing a short circuit that cut power to 48,000.