ABB launches groundbreaking asset optimisation software

At its inaugural ABB Customer World in Melbourne this week, ABB launched its groundbreaking ABB Ability Ellipse software solution in Australia.

The comprehensive solution suite will change the way utility and electricity companies manage their assets, enabling them to optimise asset utilisation, drive down maintenance costs and reduce equipment failures and system outages.

Electric utilities are increasingly challenged to maintain high asset availability, performance and reliability against the backdrop of aging infrastructure and financial pressures.

In addition, the number of new assets entering the grid is exploding – from smart meters and switches, to distributed energy sources such as solar and wind, to electric-vehicle charging stations.

“We understand the challenges electric utilities face in driving greater levels of performance in an increasingly complex grid, “ ABB Grid Automation head Massimo Danieli said.

“With ABB Ability Ellipse, utilities can now use a single, streamlined solution for the management, maintenance and monitoring of assets enabling a stronger, smarter and greener grid.“

The new ABB Ability Ellipse solution offers utilities a proactive approach for predictive maintenance that combines an asset management system with collection and analysis of performance data and a comprehensive workforce management solution for dispatching crews and maintaining critical assets.

Specifically, the solution unifies the functionality of ABB’s world-class solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Workforce Management (WFM) and Asset Performance Management (APM).

“The biggest risk utilities face on the journey to digital transformation is the inability to unify applications and data,” IDC Energy Insights VP Kevin Prouty said.

“One of the most obvious starting points for utilities is to address the silo approach to asset management and workforce management in their organisations.

“As Asset Performance Management becomes a focal point for transforming the modern grid, it is vitally important that utilities manage their assets and labor with a cohesive strategy.”

With more than 700 registered for the day, the event saw a unique exhibition of innovative digital and industrial technology all designed with a common goal: to improve efficiencies, lower operating costs and enhance competitive advantage for our customers.

The event saw national and international speakers, including ABB Digital chief operating officer Dr Otto Preiss who officially launched ABB Ability in Australia and outlined the impact of digitalisation can have on the bottom line and how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and ABB Ability solutions can drive operational excellence.

Victorian Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio addressed the audience as the keynote speaker for the event and spoke about the energy initiatives that the Victorian Government is working on to reach Victoria’s energy targets and the importance of setting Victoria up with clean, reliable and secure energy.

“While we can have our conversations, controversies and challenges about how we manage our energy about how we manage our energy transition, the fact is, industry and consumers globally are taking matters into their own hands and they are just getting on and doing it,” the Minister said.

“So, politicians need to decide whether we are a hindrance to that progress or whether we are facilitative of that progress. And I will say very clearly and unequivocally our government in Victoria are absolute facilitators of the change because it is essential, it is happening now and there are many opportunities and benefits that are available for all of us to be able to share in that transition.

“Affordability, reliability and emissions intensity have certainly become core concerns for households and businesses, thankfully, solutions to transition our systems are available right now.

“And the solutions that are available now and the innovations that exist now will again be different in two years time, five years time, ten years time and there are many opportunities there for us to catch that really dramatic wave of change.”