Power outage causes Japan’s rail system to be sluggish


The last thing Japan’s rail system is known for is being sluggish, but that’s the precise cause of a power failure that delayed 12,000 passengers on May 30.

A single slug that inched its way into an electrical power device near rail tracks has been found to be the cause the massive outage that halted dozens of trains in southern Japan.

Operated by Kyushu Railway, known as JR Kyushu, a spokesperson for the company told AFP, “We tracked down the device responsible for the power failure … We initially thought what’s in there was a bug but it turned out to be a dead slug”.

The little guy is thought to have fried himself after short-circuiting the device.

The railway official said the incident was rare.

“We often have trouble with deer colliding with trains but not a problem with slugs,” he said.

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