Origin to install grid-scale battery at NQ gas plant

In an Australian first, Origin has announced it will install a 4MW grid-scale battery at its Mt Stuart Power Station in Townsville.

The 414MW open-cycle gas power station is the largest of its kind in North Queensland.

Origin executive general manager of energy supply and operations Greg Jarvis said the battery would deliver a range of benefits to the region.

“This will be the first time in Australia that a grid-scale battery has been connected to an open-cycle gas turbine system and will not only create efficiencies, but enable a reliable start up in the event of a large-scale power outage,” Mr Jarvis said.

“Having a battery of this size means we’re able to store the energy needed to start the power station without the aid of the electricity from the transmission network should a loss of power occur due to an event like a cyclone.

“The battery will also help drive down emissions and support renewable projects like the recently commissioned Clare Solar Farm, by storing solar generation during the day and dispatching at times of peak demand after the sun has set.

“Our transition to renewables and shift to decentralised generation requires an ongoing focus on ensuring our customers have reliable and affordable energy and we’ll be looking closely at the battery’s performance to see how larger versions might be deployed elsewhere across our generation portfolio.”

Origin has entered into an agreement with a Korean consortium led by Bosungpowertec for the supply and installation of the 4MW/4MWh battery, to be placed within the existing footprint of the power station.

With support from the Korean Government, Bosungpowertec hopes to showcase the country’s emerging battery technology sector.

Bosungpowertec CEO Jae Hwang Lim said the consortium was excited by the opportunity to partner with Origin.

“Bosungpowertec recognises Origin as a leading Australian energy provider that is actively exploring new and emerging technologies that support their transitioning electricity market,” Mr Lim said.

“We hope to demonstrate how our battery technology supports Origin’s operations and are sure this project will be a start for a successful cooperation in the Australian market.”

It is expected installation and commissioning will be complete in May 2019.