Nissan shows off futuristic Hyper Punk EV concept car

Concept image of the futuristic angular looking Nissan Hyper Punk EV
Concept image of the Nissan Hyper Punk EV

Nissan has launched a short 3D video on a Tokyo landmark digital billboard in the Shinjuku district featuring its new Hyper Punk EV concept car developed for Japan Mobility Show 202.

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In the lead up to the show, Nissan has been revealing a series of exciting, futuristic, all-electric concept vehicles. All the concept vehicles revealed are showcased in the dynamic 3D video, namely the Nissan Hyper Urban, Nissan Hyper Adventure, Nissan Hyper Tourer and Nissan Hyper Punk.

Each concept car is represented by a symbolic character who utilises the vehicle’s custom-tailored features that add value to their diverse lifestyles and unique aspirations.

The Hyper Punk’s unique exterior features a sharp, angular design with wheels that look like triangles but are actually just patterns on 23-inch wheels.

Designed as a mobile creative studio, the cabin provides seamless internet connectivity and can link to occupants’ devices and creative equipment, enabling users to access information or create on the go.

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With AI and headrest biosensors, the Nissan Hyper Punk concept can detect the driver’s mood and automatically select the right music and lighting, thus boosting the driver’s energy and creativity.

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