BYD reveals YangWang U8 amphibious electric SUV

Aerial shot of the YangWang U8 traversing a lake (BYD)
The amphibious YangWang U8 traversing a lake

Electric carmaker BYD has previewed a new luxury electric SUV from its sub-brand YangWang, which, according to Drive, boasts “Land Rover looks and Ferrari-style performance”.

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The YangWang U8 features four electric motors capable of producing 820kW of power, which can take it from standstill to 100km/h in a blistering three seconds flat.

While boasting supercar performance, the YangWang U8 is designed as an off-road vehicle and is reportedly capable of amphibious driving thanks to body sealing and IP68-grade waterproofing for its electric motors. BYD also says the U8 can float, and released a video of the vehicle crossing a lake.

The U8 is also capable of doing 380-degree ‘tank turns’ as well as diagonal manoeuvres like the GMC Hummer.

These impressive capabilities come at a cost, with the U8 priced at approximately AU$215,000. Unfortunately, though, the U8 hasn’t been slated for release in Australia.

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Luke Todd, managing director of BYD’s Australian distributor EVDirect, told Drive: “At this stage, YangWang is for the Chinese market in [left-hand drive] and there are no immediate plans to bring to Australia.”

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