Melbourne’s solar-powered charging station ready to use

Australia’s first level two solar-powered charging station is ready to charge Melbourne’s electric cars.

Melbourne’s reputation as a green, environmentally friendly and innovative city will thrive with the introduction of the solar-powered electrical vehicle charging station.

As part of the Victorian Government’s electric vehicle trial, the charging station is located at CERES, the award-winning community environment park in the heart of Brunswick.

The solar charging station is now available for public use to generate clean and renewable electricity to power all major electric vehicles (EV) available on the market.

At the launch of the station, Jan Kronberg, Member Legislative Council State Government and representative of the Victorian Minister of Transport said that the Victorian Government was proud to be sponsoring the project.

The initiative has been achieved in collaboration with solar companies Q-Cells Australia, who donated 12 Q.PRO 235 solar PV modules, and Delta Energy Systems, who donated the solar inverter.

Julia Pfeiffer, a spokesperson for Q-Cells Australia, stated that “a chance to be part of such a great environmental initiative is something that Q-Cells is immensely proud of”.

Electric cars have an average efficiency of 80 per cent, which is much higher when compared to conventional gasoline engines that can effectively use only 15 per cent of the fuel energy content, or diesel engines which can only achieve efficiencies of around 20 per cent.

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