Massive transformer arrives at Bouldercombe substation

Enormous high-voltage transformer being trucked along road at night with lighting and power crews beside it (bouldercombe)
Image: Powerlink Queensland

Powerlink‘s Bouldercombe Substation has taken delivery of a massive piece of vital equipment—a high-voltage transformer weighing more than 200 tonnes.

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Bouldercombe is one of the largest substations that services Central Queensland. It is also the home of ‘Big Bessie’, Genex‘s grid-scale battery connected to the substation.

Genex recently announced the completion of construction of its 50MW/100MWh Bouldercombe Battery Project at the site, with operation now underway.

The transformer left Gladstone Port around 10pm on Saturday and arrived at Powerlink’s Bouldercombe substation around 4.30am on Sunday morning. It was pushed and pulled by four prime movers, on a total of 232 wheels.

The transformer’s total operational weight is 326 tonnes—the equivalent of roughly eight Boeing 737 jets—and is 10.1m long, 4.5m wide and 4.4m high.

The transport was a collaborative effort with Queensland Police and transport contract Rex J Andrews.

Powerlink Queensland is a government-owned corporation that owns, develops, operates and maintains the transmission network in Queensland.

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The business also responsible for connecting large-scale renewable energy developments, including wind and solar, and providing electricity to large industrial customers in the rail, mining and LNG sectors.

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