Genex completes Bouldercombe Battery Project build

Aerial photo of Tesla Megapacks at the Bouldercombe Battery Project site near Townsville in Queensland
Bouldercombe Battery Project (Image: Genex Power)

Genex Power has announced the completion of construction of its 50MW/100MWh Bouldercombe Battery Project near Rockhampton in Queensland.

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Following a fire at the project in September 2023, Genex replaced two Tesla Megapacks with testing undertaken by Tesla before the final outstanding hold point tests were completed with Powerlink and AEMO in December.

Genex has continued to operate the project under the Autobidder Offtake Agreement with Tesla since November 2023. Since conclusion of testing, the Bouldercombe Battery Project has been operating using 40 Megapacks at its full capacity of 50MW/100MWh.

Genex CEO Craig Francis said, “Following the commencement of operations at our 50MW/100MWh Bouldercombe Battery Project in November 2023, we are pleased to have completed the installation of the two replacement Megapack units on schedule and subsequently concluded the construction phase of the project.

“Importantly, Genex has seen limited financial impact as Tesla incurred the costs associated with the minor fire incident in September 2023.

“The plant has been operating well and making a positive contribution to cash flows since commencing operations and ramping up to full capacity in December 2023. This has been critical over the peak summer period, which has seen significant volatility driven by warm weather conditions in Queensland.

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“I extend our gratitude to Tesla, Consolidated Power Projects, Powerlink and Amplitude Consultants for the proactive and diligent manner in which they have supported us to reach this important milestone.”

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