First wave-energy application lodged in SA

New South Wales-based energy developer Oceanlinx has applied to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) for a licence to generate electricity using the ocean swell of the south-east coast of  South Australia.

The move marks the state’s first application for wave energy.

In early September, Oceanlinx confirmed construction of the $7 million wave energy installation had begun. Upon completion, the 20sq m concrete unit located 4km off the coast of Port MacDonnell will generate enough power to provide electricity for around 1000 average homes.

The unit is too large to be moved by road and instead will be transported by ocean from Adelaide by tug boats during October, according to Energy Business News. 

A generator is being built off the coast from Port MacDonnell and all energy generated will be sold to electricity suppliers, as reported by the ABC.

Oceanlinx has said it could generate electricity by waves pushing air through a turbine.

The ESC said the plan was for the wave energy converter to be connected to the 11KV distribution grid by a sub-sea cable and no fuel would be used to generate electricity, as reported by the ABC.

‘The application will now be assessed and public comment will be taken until October 7, 2013.

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