Energex completes $12 million Lockyer Valley power upgrade

The electricity grid in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, has received a significant boost with the completion of a $12.3 million upgrade by Energex.

Work included a $4.8 million upgrade to the Glenore Grove Substation and the construction of a $7.5 million powerline from the Glenore Grove Substation to Laidley Substation.

Energex asset manager western region Russell Cross said the projects have significantly bolstered the power supply to more than 6000 homes and have created a more reliable rural electricity network.

“The Glenore Grove Substation upgrade saw equipment that had served the community for more than 50 years replaced with the most up-to-date electrical infrastructure,” Mr Cross said.

“The substation improvements also allowed Energex to directly connect it to Laidley substation via a new powerline which, in most cases, will allow our crews to get the lights on faster after storm damage because they’ll be able to divert power between both facilities.”

The work will also allow for future domestic and commercial growth in the region. The development will complement a recently completed $13 million upgrade of the power network in the South-East Queensland towns of Lowood and Lockrose.

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