Detmold Group invests in Aussie solar to slash emissions

Smiling woman and man in hi-vis orange vests stand in front of massive rooftop solar installation (detmold)
Detmold Group CEO Sascha Detmold Cox & Tindo Solar CEO Richard Petterson

Sustainable paper and board packaging solutions company Detmold Group is sharpening its environmental sustainability focus, with the first of its multiple facilities flicking the switch to solar energy.

The Detmold Group has made a commitment to introduce solar energy to at least one new facility each year for the next three years. The company has this month installed its first 99kW 243-panel system at its Regency Park facility, using PV Modules from Australia’s only solar panel manufacturer Tindo Solar.

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Detmold Group CEO Sascha Detmold Cox said the company was focusing on preserving natural resources, eliminating waste from the environment and reducing emissions as part of its sustainability objectives, which will be measured against six positive impact targets.

“We haven’t just committed to being sustainable, we’re actioning it by putting panels on our roof, saving energy and reducing emissions at every opportunity,” Detmold Cox said.

“We will be expanding our implementation of solar each year as we know this is important not just locally, but in our production facilities across Australia and internationally.”

The new system will prevent 81 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released each year and cut 35% of the site’s carbon emissions annually.

As part of its sustainability objectives, the Detmold Group has also committed to:

  • apply Sustainable Packaging Guidelines to all of its products by 2025
  • divert 95% of waste from landfill across all production facilities
  • ensure 80% of fibre used will be forestry-certified or contain recycled content.

“Using recycled or renewable materials, particularly in food packaging, is becoming a growing priority for consumers and businesses,” Detmold Cox said.

“The same applies for medical products and other packaging. We are working towards being a market leader in more than just packaging—it’s about how we manufacture our products and present them to markets here and internationally.”

Tindo Solar CEO Richard Petterson said he was thrilled to collaborate with the Detmold Group on its transition to renewable energy.

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“Supporting another great South Australian manufacturer to reduce its carbon emissions and hit its renewable energy targets is an incredibly proud moment for Tindo Solar,”  Petterson said.

“Australian manufacturers have a hard time. With offshore supply chains dominating our industry, it is vital that we also support local jobs and keep manufacturing jobs in Australia.”

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