Construction begins on Pacific Blue’s Clements Gap Battery

Rendered image of the Clements Gap BESS
Clements Gap BESS

Pacific Blue, formerly Pacific Hydro Australia, has kicked off construction on its $100+ million grid-scale battery in Clements Gap, South Australia.

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The 60MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will provide a duration of 130MWh, which can be released to the grid during periods of peak demand, supporting grid stability.

Located next to Pacific Blue’s existing Clements Gap Wind Farm, the BESS will support South Australia to meet its 2027 renewable targets.

Pacific Blue CEO Domenic Capomolla said, “The focus of Australia’s energy transition so far has overwhelmingly been on the generation of renewable energy—storing that energy and deploying it to support grid stability is the missing piece and a critical component of Australia’s renewable energy transition.

“The construction of Clements Gap BESS is the first key milestone for Pacific Blue in realising our 2GW pipeline of capacity and energy storage solutions, which will contribute to Australia achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“Since the commissioning of the Clements Gap Wind Farm in 2010, we’ve been welcomed by the community. We’re proud of the relationship we’ve built, and the support provided through our Sustainable Communities Fund, which has invested more than $700,000 into 150 local sustainable projects. We’re delighted for the next phase of our investment in renewable energy to be in this region.”

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The Clements Gap Battery project is estimated to be completed in early 2026.

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