Tindo Solar powers Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Tindo Solar premises (taylor)
Image: Tindo Solar

Australia’s only manufacturer of solar panels, Tindo Solar, is helping to power Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s renewable energy journey as the bank commits to sourcing 100 per cent of its power needs from renewables by 2025.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank was certified ‘carbon neutral’ in 2021 for its operations from financial year 2019/20, and as part of its renewable energy journey will install solar systems on the roofs of 20 bank branches throughout 2022, most of which will be Tindo Solar panels.

Bendigo Bank commenced installing its 200kw solar system on the Bendigo Centre building in Bendigo, Victoria, in December. The installation at Bendigo Centre—which can accommodate up to 1,000 employees—followed a competitive tender process that began in 2018, for purchasing solar panels for selected Bendigo Bank branches.

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Tindo Solar CEO Shayne Jaenisch said Bendigo and Adelaide Bank had taken powerful action to support the environment with its renewable energy journey, and by opting for Tindo Solar panels had also supported Australian jobs and innovation.

“Bendigo Bank was Australia’s first significant bank to have a policy to not lend to businesses directly engaged in coal mining, oil and gas production and logging of native forests,” Jaenisch said.

“Bendigo Bank is supportive of businesses in the renewables industry and the bank financed Tindo Solar’s new $11.5 million factory that will be producing panels in early 2022.”

Jaenisch said the Tindo Solar panels made in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, were built for reliability, safety and performance under Australian weather conditions.

“Australia has a harsh climate and the average age of solar panels in this country is around eight years,” he said. “We warranty ours for 25 years which means our customers get the full financial return on their investment and the full benefit for the environment.”

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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank managing director Marnie Baker said, “Our bank’s fundamental purpose is to help customers and communities to succeed by securing prosperous futures. In recent years the expectations of customers have evolved to the point where they want to see how the bank is contributing to a more sustainable future as well.”

She said that in just six weeks, the solar panels at Bendigo Centre had already produced about 50MWh and provided 15 per cent of the building’s power—a great start considering the building has significant energy needs 24 hours per day.

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