Bay Island power upgrade reaches completion

More than 3500 homes and businesses on the southern Moreton Bay Islands will now benefit from Energex’s recently completed Russell Island Substation.

The $8.8 million Centre Road facility will bolster power supplies to communities on Russell, Macleay, Karragarra and Lamb Islands while allowing for future commercial and domestic growth.

Energex’s asset manager Russell Cross said the new substation will also provide a more reliable electricity supply to the Bay Islands by allowing Energex technicians to more quickly redirect and restore power after unexpected interruptions caused by wild weather.

“In the past the Southern Bay Islands’ power has been supplied by two very long 11,000 volt powerlines from the Staplyton Substation on the mainland and North Stradbroke Island,” Mr Cross said.

“Over the years electricity consumption on the islands has increased significantly placing additional pressure on these powerlines during peak periods in the summer and winter.”

The new substation taps directly into 110,000 volt powerlines that feed North Stradbroke, giving the Southern Bay Islands a much more stable injection of power.

“The substation now allows much of this power restoration to be conducted remotely, where in the past locals had to wait for Energex crews to physically land on the island to locate the fault and restore supply.”

Mr Cross thanked residents in the southern Moreton Bay Islands area for their patience and support during the upgrade.

This project is part of Energex’s commitment to provide a secure and cost effective electricity supply to its customers. The initiative especially aims to meet peak electricity demand periods and to support the increased use of residential solar power and lifestyle enhancing appliances, such as air conditioners and flat-screen televisions.

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