Employers make like-for-like strategic hires

Transmission engineers, project managers and secondary drafters and designers are just three of the skills that remain in demand across Australia’s energy industry as employers make strategic hires.

This is one finding from the October to December Hays Quarterly Report, which also highlights employers’ preference for candidates with like-for-like experience.

Hays Energy senior regional director Simon Winfield said employers are looking for candidates with experience in the same industry and on the same systems.

“More strategic in their hires, employers are also taking their time when they recruit to ensure each placement is the right person for the job. As a result, the recruitment process has lengthened,” Mr Winfield said.

“We advise candidates to sharpen their existing skills and industry experience to enhance their value.”

Mr Winfield also said employers need to be aware candidate shortages still exist in many areas.

“Many organisations have invested in retention strategies to keep their best people, so there’s still a shortage of high-quality candidates for certain roles, particularly those that require excellent leadership skills or very specific experience,” Mr Winfield said.

According to the report, there is a high demand for linesmen/women, glove and barrier live linesmen/women, and cable jointers across Australia – particularly in the north of Queensland where candidates have been attracted to fly-in fly-out roles.

The report also states New South Wales has recently experienced a huge increase in demand for transmission experts across the engineering, procurement, and construction management spectrum, while South Australia is in need of secondary drafters/designers, transmission engineers, linesmen/women and protection technicians with local market experience.

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