Australians split on paying more for renewable energy

A poll conducted by The Australian has found 45 per cent of Australians would be prepared to pay more for energy generated from renewables but 44 per cent would not.

But only 28 per cent of those surveyed would pay more than $10 a month for renewable energy, 11 per cent would pay $25 a month more and only 4 per cent would pay more than $40 a month more.

The poll was conducted in the wake of the South Australian blackout and while the COAG Energy Council met last week, and sampled 1622 people.

The poll also found 39 per cent of respondents agreed with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s statement that a renewable target of 50 per cent put energy security at risk, but 36 per cent disagreed a target put energy supply at risk. Twenty-five per cent were undecided.