ActewAGL tackles childhood obesity

ActewAGL has teamed up with fitness trainer Lee Campbell to launch the Swing into Life program for ACT and Queanbeyan school students.

The program invites students to a free, 90-minute activity course that will be involve balance beams, log jumps, wall climbs, rope climbs and a scramble through big tyres.

ActewAGL director marketing and corporate affairs Paul Walshe said data shows about one quarter of local children aged five to 17 years are overweight or obese.

“It is known that children are getting heavier and a high proportion of kids are struggling more with their weight now than they were three years ago,” he said.

“We know that obesity is an increasing concern in our community but hopefully this program will give our kids the tools they need to start leading and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The Swing into Life program will not only promote the benefits of being physically active, but with Lee’s expert knowledge, should also provide a framework for the students to consider what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.”

The ACT Government has also thrown its support behind ActewAGL’s Swing into Life program as it contributes to its Healthy Weight Initiative, which was launched in 2013.