Wholesale electricity retailer launches in NSW

Wholesale electricity retailer Mojo Power has launched in NSW, promising customers cheaper bills through its subscription-based service.

Mojo co-founder James Myatt told Electronics News he believed the company’s offer was a “real game changer”.

“Australian families will now have a retailer absolutely aligned to their desire to pay less for the electricity they need. Mojo customers pay a flat monthly subscription, called an EnergyPass, to access wholesale prices which are around 30 per cent below other retailers’ standing tariffs,” Mr Myatt said.

“We can easily look at your current bill and estimate how much you are going to save annually based on our model and your current electricity consumption.

“We will then help our customers to access even cheaper bills through solar, storage and energy efficiency.”

Residents with high energy needs – those with swimming pools, air-conditioners, heaters and other electricity-hungry appliances – are most likely to benefit from Mojo’s pricing, with the premise being the higher the bill, the greater the discounts applied.

This is supported by independent analysis carried out by the Australian Consumer, Retailer and Services (ACRS) unit at Monash Business School, which says families who use more than the average amount of electricity per year would see significant ongoing yearly savings with Mojo, when compared to the three major retailers’ standing tariffs.

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