Trina Tracker launching in Australia

Trina Tracker, a solar track brand under Trina Solar, is launching into Australia to cater to growing demand in the utility-sector for trackers that are compatible with the new, larger format bifacial modules above 500W.

Trina Tracker is unique in offering integrated PV-tracker solutions to the market as a single point of procurement and accountability. The platform also offers sufficient flexibility to offer Trina Tracker structures that integrate with modules from other manufacturers.

Two types of Trina Tracker are being introduced into Australia: Vanguard 2P single row tracker and Agile 1P dual row tracker.

“We have an advantage over our tracker competitors, because our parent Trina Solar is a pioneer of the new, larger format bifacial modules above 500W,” Trina Solar head of Utility Solutions in Asia Pacific Andrew Gilhooly said.

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“Having early access to the new module technology has meant we had a head-start on our tracker competitors when it came to wind-tunnel verification and performing the necessary due diligence to integrate smart trackers with the new, larger solar panels in a cost optimised manner.

“For example, we have optimised the trackers’ performance in terms of the longer string length possible with large wafer modules. We can fully accommodate these longer strings on longer and wider tracker structures with confidence. This means we can have up to 40 modules in a string, unlocking savings not only on the tracker cost on motors and piles (as low as 120 piles per MW DC) but also saving on downstream electrical balance of system costs, fewer string cables, combiner boxes, trenches and so forth.”

Trina Tracker technology also delivers lower lifecycle costs.

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“The motors and bearings have proven reliability because these components are already deployed in projects elsewhere in the world, totalling more than 5GW. The trackers require only infrequent visual inspection during operation and maintenance (O&M)” Gilhooly said.

It comes with a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for real-time data monitoring and analytics to measure solar system performance and assist with control functions including module cleaning and site vegetation management.