Taylor announces Australia-wide microgrids fund


The Morrison Government has today announced it will launch the Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund that will support up to 50 off-grid and fringe-of-grid communities to adopt microgrids.

The $50.4 million fund will facilitate investigations in the community as to whether microgrids are cost-effective solution for them, and whether existing off-grid capabilities can be upgraded with modern technology.

The fund will apply to communities in every state and territory.

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In a statement, the office of the Minister for Energy Angus Taylor said, “As the cost of providing off-grid electricity continues to fall, in some cases it will be cheaper to provide off-grid supply rather than maintain and replace the long power lines that connect remote customers to the grid.

“Moving some remote customers to off-grid supply could save hundreds of millions of dollars in network costs and reduce bushfire risks. Microgrids will also deliver more reliable supply to remote communities.

“Where feasibility studies find that microgrids are economically viable, communities can upgrade existing diesel generation or take advantage of new local generation and storage opportunities.

“The fund will also guide communities towards additional support, including through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and Clean Energy Finance Corporation.”

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