Talking about safety with Borroloola youth

Power and Water Corporation’s remote operations’ health safety and environment manager, Todd Sinclair, has facilitated a safety workshop with 15 young boys from Borroloola, town in the Northern Territory.

The session took place as part of Power and Water’s community partnership with the Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre (MLLLC). The program positions youth as future leaders in their communities with a focus on preparing them for high school.

Mr Sinclair’s presentation explored the corporation’s role in supplying power, water and sewerage services, how electricity is produced, where the drinking water comes from, and how wastewater is managed in remote communities. The dangers of swimming in, or accessing sewer ponds and water tanks, entering power stations and touching power lines were also discussed.

The students learned about the risk of contaminating the water supply through accessing water tanks and playing with water infrastructure, as well as the broader need to conserve water by turning taps off and reporting leaks to their local Essential Services Operator (ESO).

“I really enjoy these sessions and feel that if they save one young person from being seriously injured or vandalising a water meter, then they are a huge success,” Mr Sinclair said, adding a follow up presentation was held with students from Elcho Island.

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