Sun shines on Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania

Solar panels being installed on a roof (energy survey)
Image: Shutterstock

Aurora Energy has funded a new solar installation at the Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania (NHT) headquarters in Hobart, which will help the energy retailer identify how it can best work with the community to maximise the benefits of solar.

The state-of-the-art 32-panel, 8.64kW solar system, has been custom-designed to meet the specific electricity requirements of the NHT site, while optimising its geographical position to produce the most efficient system possible.

Aurora Energy CEO Rebecca Kardos said she was excited about exploring more innovative ways to support the community.

“Through our community program we have already been able to make a practical difference in the lives of many Tasmanians, however, we are always trying to be more imaginative to find new ways to help,” Mrs Kardos said.

“Supporting a long-standing community partner in this way is a fantastic opportunity for us as it utilises a site, which from a solar perspective is optimal, given it operates during the day when the sun shines the most.”

NHT executive officer John Hooper said the benefits would be immense and long lasting.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve been working on improving the energy efficiency of the site. Like many businesses in Tasmania, we use a lot of energy trying to keep our building warm in winter,” Mr Hooper said.

Through the Tasmania Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme (TEELS), which provides interest-free loans for the purchase of eligible energy efficient products, NHT has been able to invest in additional insulation and an energy efficient heat pump for the site.

“By improving our energy efficiency in winter and now installing a solar system, which will take advantage of our day-time office hours, we’re confident we’ll see significant savings over the coming months.

“The money we save on each bill will be put straight back into the programs, run by the 35 neighbourhood and community houses located around Tasmania to provide greater support.”