Suez joins WA waste-to-energy plant


The East Rockingham Resource Recovery Facility has received a new boost from French waste management giant Suez, striking a long-term deal to supply the waste-to-energy plant.

According to the Financial Review, Suez has agreed to supply the plant with 65,000 tonnes of waste a year for 10 years, as well as buying some power to use in its operations around Perth.

The Rockingham plant will convert 300,000 tonnes a year of municipal, commercial and industrial waste, as well as 30,000 tonnes of biosolids into 29 megawatts of electrical power – enough to power 40,000 homes.

The facility is the second waste-to-energy plant planned for the Rockingham-Kwinana industrial region.

Last year, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency committed $23 million towards Macquarie Capital and Phoenix Energy Australia’s proposed plant in the Kwinana Industrial Area.