Dog attacks lead to new safety measures

Ergon Energy workers and meter readers won’t enter yards where dogs are not securely restrained as part of new safety measures being introduced this month.

There were 71 injuries from dog bites and 199 other incidents and close-calls between July 2017 and October 2018.

“The safety of our employees has to come first and that means if there is a dog on a property that isn’t restrained – we won’t go in to do work of any kind,” Ergon Energy area manager Wayne Alderman said.

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“We’ll talk to customers about what options are available and if no one is home, we will leave information to help them do a self-read.”

“In some cases where there is a dangerous dog or known access issue, a remote read meter will be installed.”

The new Safe Entry measures will begin on 14 January and will apply to all properties regardless of whether they are in an urban or rural setting.

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“Ergon Energy will work with our customers and communities to make the new safety measures work so we have a good outcome for our people and our customers,” Mr Alderman said.