Stanwell Power Station ticking over nicely after ‘spit and polish’

Stanwell power station
Dr Lynham at Stanwell Power Station. Image @DrAnthonyLynham via Twitter

Central Queensland’s Stanwell Power Station is in top-notch order for summer after a multi-million dollar “grease and oil change” that has pumped $11 million into the local economy.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham was at Stanwell today as one of the station’s four 365 megawatt generation units was being recommissioned after its overhaul.

“Stanwell is part of Queensland’s fleet of efficient, reliable coal-fired power stations, and maintenance programs are essential to keeping up that performance level,” he said.

“As we ready for the peak summer season and Queenslanders en masse turn on their air-conditioners, Stanwell is ready to roll.  

“Secure baseload generation like this is important as we transition smoothly to a renewable future.”

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Member for Rockhampton Barry O’Rourke and Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga welcomed the short-term boost for local businesses as well as the longer-term energy security for Queensland.

The $53 million, 77-day maintenance program includes thorough inspection and maintenance and coincides with other critical projects, including a turbine cover-lift and an upgrade of the power station’s control system. The upgrade is expected to extend the life of the control system by 15 years.

The overhaul started in late June and is almost complete with the final stages of control system commissioning coming to a close.  

Queensland’s publicly owned electricity companies – Stanwell Corp, CS Energy, Powerlink, Ergon, Energex, and CleanCo – will invest more than $2.2 billion on capital works in 2019-20, supporting up to 4900 jobs.

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Meanwhile, the 12-month study into the development of a hydrogen plant at the power station is on track for completion by June next year.

Stanwell is assessing the technical, commercial and strategic feasibility of a 10 megawatt or larger hydrogen electrolysis plant near the power station. If it goes ahead, it would be the largest plant of its type in Australia.