Smart meters will lead to energy solutions

smart grid smart city
Image courtesy Siemens

Residential customers in New South Wales will now have the choice to have a smart-meter installed at their home, which the energy industry has said will give them a much wider choice of energy deals.

Under the NSW Government policy, customers will have a wider range of products to choose from using smart meters resulting in more information about their energy use, more accurate bills, better and more frequent billing options and faster service to consumers moving in and out of new premises.

The Australian Energy Council’s chief executive Matthew Warren said, “switching to new digital meters is like upgrading from a typewriter to a computer: they will be an essential and enabling tool in the 21st century electricity system.

“The option of new digital meters will give NSW households more control over their electricity use and their power bills.

“There are millions of smart meters already installed in homes and businesses around the world. They will help enable new technologies, whether its solar panels, storage or other devices that make homes more efficient.

“Changing the way we pay for electricity to reflect the costs of supplying it at different times rewards consumers who are more flexible and efficient with their energy use.

“Retailers look forward to bringing new and innovative products and technology to their customers as a result of this policy. This will help the electricity industry keep pace with digital technology that is transforming the industry across the world.”