SMA supplies 1.2GW inverter power for PV projects

SMA Australia has signed contracts for the supply of more than 1.2GW inverter power for more than 20 utility-scale PV projects in Australia in 2017.

The capacity of the projects ranges from 10MW to 270MW and all plants will be built using SMA’s medium voltage power station (MVPS) and the SMA power plant controller offering flexible farm control.

“This year represents a ground breaking year for solar farm development in Australia, thanks to improved economic factors and pervasive market interest,” SMA sales North America/APAC executive vice president John Susa said.

“We are extremely proud to announce that our MVPS and the SMA power plant controller has been selected for several large-scale PV projects funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) in Australia this year.

“This success has been achieved by working closely with different developers and EPCs.

“In addition, we were successful in securing contracts for delivering Sunny Central inverters, MVPS and the SMA power plant controller for another nine utility-scale PV projects.

“We feel honoured to become part of the booming utility market in Australia with our best-in-class turnkey container solution MVPS and we expect an even better performing 2018 in front of us.”