Rockhampton rollout for HomeSmart energy trial

Ergon Energy Retail is giving 48 Rockhampton, Queensland, customers the opportunity to closely monitor their electricity use with an expanded trial of home energy management technology.

HomeSmart provides customers with greater power to manage their energy use, and major appliances, such as hot water systems, pool pumps and air-conditioners, either at home or remotely via their tablet, laptop or computer.

The trial, in conjunction with Australian company HabiDapt, was recently expanded to Rockhampton following a successful trial underway with 100 customers is Townsville.

“The feedback received so far from customers who are participating in the Townsville trial has been very positive,” Ergon Energy Retail’s group manager customer experience and marketing Brett Milne said.

“Customers say HomeSmart is easy to use and has helped them understand their energy use and that, in turn, has helped them manage their bills.”

Mr Milne said the expansion of the trial to Rockhampton would provide Ergon Energy Retail with more information about the customer experience.

“This second phase of the trial will provide us with expanded geographic customer feedback that will add to the data we are collecting and analysing from those trialing the HomeSmart service in Townsville, he said.

“Rockhampton’s climate is different to Townsville so the data we’re collecting and analysing from customers with HomeSmart could show up some different patterns of energy use with air-conditioners and heaters.”

“We want to ensure this online technology ticks all the boxes and is easy for customers to use, helps them manage their energy needs and provides certainty over their bills, before we rollout widely to customers.”

HomeSmart customers receive a monthly report detailing their energy consumption and advice about how they can set up their system to help manage energy bills

“This technology allows customers to view how much energy is being generated by their solar PV system and when it is being consumed and exported to the grid. Customers can program their HomeSmart system to operate specific appliances while the sun is shining to obtain the best value from their PV systems depending on the size of the system and any Feed In Tariff arrangement they have,” Mr Milne said.

“They can also set a monthly budget and receive notification via SMS or email alerts when they reach their set budgeted energy consumption.” Solar customers will receive an assessment of how well their systems are operating – giving them valuable insight into whether they need to take action to maintain or fix issues with their system.