Solar and wind generates more power than gas in Sept


Solar and wind powered more homes than ever before last month and produced more energy than gas, according to the latest Renewable Energy Index.

Solar and wind combined generated a record high of 2363GWh of electricity, compared with 2186GWh for gas.

The analysis, compiled by Green Energy Markets, reveals renewable energy from all sources made up 21.9% of electricity generated on Australia’s main grids — avoiding the equivalent of 9.3 million cars-worth of carbon pollution.

The Index also shows the renewable energy sector employed 17,521 people throughout September, with Queensland again coming out on top with 6810 renewable jobs.

Almost 15,000 rooftop solar systems were installed during the month, allowing owners to reap an estimated $180 million in electricity bill savings over the next 10 years.

“Renewables are creating jobs and providing us with cheap, clean electricity. Yet the reckless, coal-loving Coalition want to put it all at risk by ditching the proposed Clean Energy Target (CET),” GetUp Energy campaign director Miriam Lyons said.

“This month’s index shows wind and solar outperforming gas for generation.

“In the middle of an energy crisis created by the gas cartel, this is a clear demonstration of the power of renewables and their potential to drive the low cost, pollution-free energy sector Australians want.”