Queensland turns up the burners on gas


The Queensland Government says it is continuing to drive national gas policy, with more companies seeking domestic gas and more to come to tackle onshore shortages.

Dr Anthony Lynham, Senex Energy
Dr Anthony Lynham

Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham told today’s APPEA conference in Brisbane that another company would be on the hunt for domestic gas in regional Queensland.

“Senex Energy has been awarded 153 square kilometres of land near Miles to explore for gas for Australian-supply only,” Dr Lynham said.

“This comes on top of Senex Energy’s Project Atlas near Wandoan, the first project to develop from our domestic-only policy initiative.

“Senex Energy has already announced two sales contracts with domestic manufacturers to be supplied from Project Atlas.

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“A Santos/Shell joint venture, Galilee Energy and debutante Sajawin have also won the right to explore for gas across more than 2600 square kilometres between Miles and the border town of Inglewood.

Dr Lynham said he also expects to soon able to announce the outcome of a national first tender where gas will be supplied exclusively to a manufacturer.

“This will mean more Queensland gas fuelling more Australian manufacturing jobs,” he said.

“We’ll also be continuing our campaign for more Federal investment in pipelines and other gas infrastructure to help get more gas to market to drive down prices.”

And a new round of bids has also been called to explore a further 3700 square kilometres of land mainly near Springsure in central Queensland. More than a quarter of this land is only for domestic gas supply.    

Dr Lynham threw out the challenge to more than 2000 conference attendees, including some of the nation’s biggest petroleum companies.

 “To the company executives here in Brisbane today I say get your bids in for this latest tender, because this government, like you, wants to keep growing Queensland as a reliable and affordable gas producer,” Dr Lynham said.

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“Together we can help meet the gas demand of Australia’s manufacturing sector, and stimulate jobs and the economy.”

Queensland already supplies around 25 percent of the domestic east coast gas demand.

Since 2015 this Government has released more than 39,000 km2 of land for gas exploration nearly a quarter of it guaranteeing the gas will be for Australian buyers.

Apart from Project Atlas, another four exploration projects are on the hunt for gas guaranteed for the domestic market:

  • Armour Energy a total of 775 km2 of proven-gas rich land on the Roma Shelf
  • Chi Oil and Gas on 5266 km2 near Quilpie
  • Santos/Shell joint venture on 393 km2 near Surat
  • Central Petroleum on 77 km2 near Miles