Queensland plugs $24 million funding into flow batteries

Redflow CEO Tim Harris standing in front of batteries (battery microgrid)
Redflow CEO Tim Harris

The Queensland Government’s $24 million investment into flow batteries from local manufacturers will support the next stage of the state’s local battery capability, helping it meet its renewable energy commitments.

The new battery projects will use zinc-bromine and iron flow technologies, which are both alternatives to the more common lithium-ion battery systems which predominantly are manufactured off-shore.

Energy Queensland’s network battery program aims to support local Queensland companies to help develop local industries in battery storage technologies which are fundamental for the energy transition.

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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said, “Queensland business Redflow recently received investment from the Californian Energy Commission to deliver a 20MWh storage project.

“These projects build on our announcement to trial a vanadium flow battery in partnership with Vecco and Sumitomo Electric.

“If we don’t back investment in batteries in Queensland we will see investment go offshore.
“Our government is backing local manufacturing of batteries because that means more jobs across more regions in Queensland.”

Queensland Energy Minister Mick de Brenni said, “These new zinc-bromine and iron flow battery projects are an important part of the transformation of Queensland’s energy system to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to provide power for generations.

“These projects will support jobs both directly, and through the supply chain, meaning more jobs for Queenslanders, while using Queensland minerals in Queensland will benefit communities as far reaching as Mount Isa to Mount Cotton.

“These new flow battery projects are just one of the ways we are enabling the transition to a low carbon energy future and, ultimately, helping to keep electricity prices down.”

Redflow CEO and Managing Director Tim Harris said, “As a proud Queensland business with world leading technology developed right here in Queensland, we are excited to be working with Energy Queensland to further validate our energy storage technology and its importance to the transition to net zero targets.

“Huge amounts of stationary energy storage will be required to meet the Queensland Government’s renewable targets and deliver the Queensland Energy and Jobs plan. Redflow is a proud locally developed business that has invested in Queensland for over 15 years that can deliver an operationally proven, commercial product to the market today.

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“The Queensland Government Battery Industry Opportunities for Queensland discussion paper highlighted the potential energy storage demand in Queensland could reach up to 14GWh by 2030. Redflow’s locally developed solution can deliver the medium to long duration storage for these requirements, which will enable us to invest more locally and create more jobs right here in Queensland.

“This project is the next stage of our partnership with Energy Queensland following our joint Memorandum of Understanding in February 2023. We are excited to be working with Energy Queensland on this project and the State Government to support the energy transition required to meet the emission reduction targets.”

The flow batteries are a part of Energy Queensland’s battery program which supports the uptake of more rooftop renewable energy. Distribution network connected batteries will be critical to enabling Queensland’s renewable energy targets.

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