Pre-bushfire season inspections underway in Sydney

Ausgrid crews are patrolling the electricity network to check for hazards in the lead up to this year’s bushfire danger period.

Inspectors are on the ground and in helicopters looking for defects such as trees growing too close to powerlines in bushfire-prone areas within Ausgrid’s distribution area.

Ausgrid chief operating officer Trevor Armstrong said pre-bushfire season inspections are an important safety measure.

“The entire community shares responsibility for helping reduce the risk of bushfires in our harsh Australian climate,” Mr Armstrong said.

“Bushfires can take a devastating toll on people, property and the environment, so we take this effort very seriously.”

As well as checking Ausgrid’s network, inspectors are taking a closer look at poles and powerlines on private property to make sure they are also safe.

If any bushfire hazards are found, owners will be issued with a notice requiring the problem to be fixed.

“Frayed wires, damaged poles and trees growing too close to powerlines can all spark a bushfire, and these serious defects should be fixed immediately,” Mr Armstrong said.

“We’re asking the community to work with us to prevent bushfires by alerting us to any hazards and helping our inspectors check private poles and powerlines for any risks.”

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