Power Ledger partners with Silicon Valley Power

Power Ledger has today announced a ground-breaking collaboration with Silicon Valley Power (SVP), City of Santa Clara, as part of its partnership with Clean Energy Blockchain Network (CEBN).

The project will link renewable energy production and storage with community-based charging of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Power Ledger platform uses world-leading blockchain technology to create a transparent, auditable and automated record of energy generation, storage and consumption.

“Silicon Valley Power is a leader when it comes to implementing innovative customer programs with cost-saving technology and digital accountability,” Power Ledger managing director and co-founder David Martin said.

“We’re excited to demonstrate how the platform can assist with cutting both costs and carbon in a simple manner with a secure and clean energy source.”

The project will integrate the platform with renewable energy assets in order to:

  • Track and manage the production and consumption of low-carbon energy from Santa Clara solar and batteries, through one of the largest public multi-storey electric vehicle charging facilities in California;
  • Digitise Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) management system transactions to support the tracking of low-carbon electricity as a fuel path and achieve the goal of cutting time and cost in processing LCFS credits.

The platform will connect city-owned PV and the SVP electric power grid by utilising API data from pre-existing meters without the need for additional hardware, software or engineering fees.

“We’re looking forward to using the Power Ledger platform to enable the tracking of carbon-free electricity from source to customer electric vehicles,” Silicon Valley Power chief electric utility officer John Roukema said.

“This will provide a clear audit trail in support of proposed changes to the low carbon fuel standard program that will allow for incremental credits while automating the entire process.”

Clean Energy Blockchain Network will provide local, hands-on technical assistance led by Rick Kubin.

“Silicon Valley Power’s proactive approach and knowledge-exchange with Power Ledger and other key stakeholders will demonstrate the ability to track low carbon intensity energy from source, to storage, to end user, providing clear benefit to all parties and encouraging more clean energy assets with faster paybacks, which will assist in meeting carbon-reduction targets,” Mr Kubin said.