Porsche to electrify all cars except iconic 911

Rear of red Porsche 911 Carrera againhst dark shadowy background
Porsche 11 Carrera Turbo (Image: Shutterstock)

Luxury automaker Porsche has a plan to gradually electrify its car lineup so that electric vehicles make up 80% of sales by 2030, with its iconic 911 to be the only internal-combustion engine model left standing, a top executive told Reuters.

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The automaker will electrify its compact SUV Macan, followed by the 718 sports car and then the best-selling Cayenne, Porsche e-fuels team leader Karl Dums said. The 911, which accounted for 13% of sales in 2022, will remain the only internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle in Porsche’s lineup.

“Our strategy in the first place is switching to electric mobility and … we will produce the 911 as long as possible with a combustion engine,” Dums said.

Porsche’s plans to electrify its range and the company’s investment in e-fuels were not linked, he said, with the e-fuel investment more aimed at the aviation industry and heavy vehicles.

Major automakers will likely avoid new e-fuel models after 2035, Reuters said, having already committed $1.2 trillion to electrification.

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Like Porsche, Ferrari pushed for an EU e-fuels exemption but says 80% of its models will be electric or hybrid by 2030.

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