Platform utilising crowd-funding to build wind and solar farms

Solar panels in front of wind turbines (planning pathways)
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The Global Warming Solution is on a mission to end global warming by creating renewable energy for cities to live on, starting with Sydney, Australia.

Using its people-powered, crowd-funded model, The Global Warming Solution says it will build wind and solar farms to help cities eliminate their reliance on energy sources that damage the environment.

Proposals for the first wind and solar farm alongside a Sustainable Development Education Centre to be positioned near North Head (Manly) have been canvassed with positive feedback from the State Government and a pathway forward defined from talks with National Parks and Wildlife.

Founder and managing director of The Global Warming Solution, Roger Bain, says, “Australians are overwhelmingly in support of climate action, and research shows that they want to contribute to initiatives that directly tackle global warming beyond their day-to-day consumer choices. The problem is that, until now, there hasn’t been an affordable way for Australians to do this.”

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“The Global Warming Solution is a new, affordable concept to combat global warming. This revolutionary approach to renewable energy will be people-powered with contributions from Australians directly funding the development of wind and solar farms,” Mr Bain says.

The Global Warming Solution only needs two per cent of Sydneysiders to donate $5.50 per week to fund the production of Ballerina Park at North Head, Manly; the first of many wind and solar farms that operate at break-even (after refurbishment costs) that The Global Warming Solution hopes to construct.

According to Bain, Australians have been waiting decades for innovation and disruption in the energy sector, and this market-led initiative will finally fast-track affordable, sustainable energy with the support of Australians who are sick of waiting and ready to take action.

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“This is conscious capitalism at its best, elevating the environment over profit. We’re leveraging great business practice to help save our planet,” he said.

“Our initial goal is to make Sydney a great example to the rest of the world as a truly sustainable city. From here, our goal is to build sustainable energy production, facilitated across the nation. Australia will be seen as an innovator in solving global warming, with Sydney at the epicentre of the clean energy movement.

“The Global Warming Solution will produce energy at a fraction of the cost of current producers, and better still, it will be clean, renewable energy. This new approach ensures clean energy is cheap and effective, which will support Australia to reduce its reliance on dirty energy such as coal-powered generation, which fuels global warming.”

Those who sign up to The Global Warming Solution will be contributing to the development of the Ballerina Park Precinct slated to be developed at North Head, Manly.

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