Origin launches next-gen home energy trial


Origin is set to trial cutting-edge new technology that will help put customers back in the driver’s seat when it comes to their household energy use and costs.

In collaboration with California-based tech start-up Bidgely, Origin will soon begin trialing the solution with 5000 Victorian customers, providing them with an insight into where energy is being used in their household.

This is one of the first projects being run out of O hub – a new office in Melbourne where Origin people are co-located with Australian tech start-ups, which is dedicated to rapidly prototyping, developing and trialing new customer solutions.

“It’s very hard to do anything about your rising energy bill if you can’t see where you are using energy in the first place,” Origin executive general manager Future Energy Tony Lucas said.

“We are really excited to be trialing this new technology with our customers because it will provide them with more information about their energy use than ever before, and this can help them control their energy costs.”

Bidgely’s world-leading solution uses disaggregation technology to analyse data from an electricity smart meter and provide an estimated breakdown of a household’s energy use into different appliance categories.

The data from the smart meter is combined with weather data and statistical analysis to present the customer with personalised alerts at different points during their billing cycle.

The alerts can break-down household energy into multiple categories including – always on, heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration, laundry, cooking, and entertainment plus (if applicable) water heater and pool pump.

Households will also be able to compare their energy use to previous periods and they will receive helpful tips on how they may be able to adjust their energy use and save money.

“Until now, it’s been difficult to provide customers with information about what may be contributing to their energy bill, as the technology was costly,” Mr Lucas said.

“Bidgely’s solution is simple, intuitive and just the start of the energy revolution that will change the way customers interact with energy in the home.”

Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta said Origin joined a growing group of utilities taking this technology mainstream.

“Especially when it comes to energy retailers, the pressure to keep customers happy and retain their loyalty is paramount,” Mr Gupta said.

“Disaggregation provides retailers a way to differentiate in competitive markets while also helping them achieve their energy efficiency and customer engagement goals.”