NT industry group to drive uptake of renewables

Wind turbines and solar panels (microsoft brookfield)
Image: Shutterstock

An industry group has been formed in the Northern Territory to drive the growth of renewable energy.

Formed by Professor Alan Langworthy, the force behind the state government’s Road to Renewables taskforce, and Territory Proud’s Geoff Goodrich, SmartEnergy NT aims to make the Territory a renewables-leading jurisdiction.

“With the potential rapid growth of solar in the NT, this industry can create real jobs across the Northern Territory now with no issues regarding the environment other than positive ones as a result of reduced use of fossil fuels,” Mr Goodrich told NT News.

“The rapid development of battery solutions and management technologies means the NT is ideally placed to develop practical solutions for our community and thus reducing the cost of living and running a business or enterprise in the NT.

“We can become the renewables leading jurisdiction for stand-alone systems both grid and off grid.”

The SmartEnergy NT group will hold a Smart Energy Summit in July.

“The NT was an early adopter of off grid solar and can again lead the way based on the knowledge and experience of Territorians if we all work together to achieve these outcomes,” Mr Goodrich said.

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