NT Govt climate policy criticised for missing the fracking point

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The Territory Labor Government has launched its draft Climate Change Response, which has been criticised by The Australia Institute as ignoring the single biggest source of emissions.

The government says its Climate Change Response aims to facilitate the growth of renewables, build on existing initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases and proactively respond to the impacts of climate change.

The report has one paragraph each on hydraulic fracturing and the natural gas industry, with comments on fracturing being that the government seeks to ensure there is no increase in the lifecycle emissions emitted from any onshore shale gas produced in the NT. The report says the government expects the onshore gas industry will grow.

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Senior Researcher at the Australia Institute Tom Swann said, “The Northern Territory’s new climate change paper embraces renewables as an economic opportunity, which is fantastic, but is being undermined by plans for fracking for oil and gas”.

“The NT government agreed with the Fracking Inquiry that fracking was unacceptable unless all emissions are offset,” he said.

“The new climate paper shows no progress has been made, with official plans to sort out the offsets mess by the end of 2021, well after the industry has set itself up. Already this year the NT Government has approved fracking without offsets.

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“This is poor environmental management and creates economic uncertainty.

“The Australia Institute’s research shows there are few jobs but substantival negative environmental impacts from allowing fracking in the NT.

“If allowed to go ahead, emissions from fracking will undo any other Territory actions to reduce emissions, many times over.

“If the NT government is to comply with its own policy and the Fracking Inquiry, it should immediately stop approving fracking unless and until it ensures all emissions are offset.”

Read the full strategy here.