NSW pledges commitment to biofuels

The New South Wales government has re-affirmed its commitment to the biofuels industry under the September 2013 Renewable Energy Action Plan.

Minister for Resources and Energy Anthony Roberts said NSW has significant opportunities to see further investment in the development of a range of biofuel technologies.

“Bioenergy resources include generating technologies using biomass sources such as sugar cane residues, wood waste and biogas from landfill and sewerage facilities, and biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel,” he said.

NSW generated approximately 780GW of bioenergy in 2013, with more than 500 jobs directly attributable to the industry.

Ahead of the Biofuels Association of Australia conference in October, Mr Roberts, said the action plan included “specific commitments” to biofuels, such as support for research and development, and “one-off grid generation opportunities.”

“The NSW government, through its biofuels mandate, has provided significant impetus to the development of biofuels in Australia,” he said, as reported by Energy Business News.

“As the only jurisdiction with dedicated legislation requiring the use of ethanol and biodiesel, we are proud of the investment and jobs that have been created so far in this industry.”

The Minister said NSW had the capacity to produce up to 300ML of ethanol and 20ML of biodiesel each year – and this could be further expanded.

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