NSW creating hydrogen program for zero emissions pathway

hydrogen industry

The NSW Government has announced a 10-year plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and it will establish a hydrogen program as a crucial aspect.

Under the proposed plan, the hydrogen program will help its scale-up as an energy source and feedstock.

Included in the plan is a target of blending up to 10 per cent hydrogen in the gas network by 2030.

Australian Hydrogen Council CEO Dr Fiona Simon said the hydrogen program demonstrates the state’s ambitions to use hydrogen technology in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

“The NSW Government clearly recognises the opportunity that hydrogen presents to our economy–creating rural jobs, a major new export market and improving energy reliability,” Ms Simon said.

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“On behalf of the Australian Hydrogen Council, I welcome the announcement of a Hydrogen Program aimed at boosting the commercialisation of low-emissions hydrogen production and applications.

“This program will offer grants for demonstration, research and development and commercialisation of hydrogen projects, that are crucial to support and help drive the work being done by our members to progress the technologies necessary to get the industry to scale.

“We have seen other states, such as South Australia and Queensland, successfully trial the blending of gas into their networks and so we support the NSW Government setting a firm target of up to 10 per cent hydrogen in the gas network by 2030.

“It is encouraging to see hydrogen positioned as a key part of the next wave of emissions reduction innovation and we look forward to working with the NSW on this.”

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