New scam targeting electricity customers

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EnergyAustralia customers have been targeted as part of a new email scam aimed to get customers to click links within the email, which then downloads malicious software to their computer.

The hoax email invites customers to view their bill online, but links contained in the email are malicious.

Scam emails such as this one can appear very convincing, and EnergyAustralia has warned customers to take care with any email that requests them to click a link.

One indicator of potential scam emails is the sender. EnergyAustralia’s electronic bills to residential customers are sent from If you receive an email from a different address that says it relates to your EnergyAustralia bill, do not open it or click any links it contains.

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If you receive a fake EnergyAustralia email, you can report it to EnergyAustralia by forwarding the email to EnergyAustralia is requesting customers send the hoax email as an attachment if possible, and not to forward the hoax email to anyone else.

Once you’ve sent the hoax email to, delete it from your inbox immediately, then empty your deleted items folder.

Scam activity can also be reported to the ACCC Infocentre using this form or to a state or territory fair trading authority.

If at any time you are concerned you have provided credit card or banking details to a potential scammer, please also alert your financial institution.

EnergyAustralia says it takes scam activity seriously, and has reported this latest hoax to the relevant authorities to investigate.

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