New rules to modernise Victoria’s energy grid

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Victoria’s Electricity Distribution Code has been updated to meet the future needs of the state’s energy grid and support customers with technologies such as solar power.

The state’s energy regulator has published its final decision on the code’s technical standards, which include updates to voltage standards and new distributor reporting requirements.

Commission energy director Sarah McDowell says the changes are aimed at ensuring Victoria’s energy grid supports new technologies such as solar power, which has been adopted by almost half a million Victorians, according to the Clean Energy Regulator.

“Our new voltage standard means more solar panels can be placed on the rooftops of Victorian households,” she said.

“Our rules enable more consumers to choose how they want their energy supplied and help power companies to better manage the poles and wires.”

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Changes to electricity distribution code technical standards include:

Introducing flexible voltage standard by adopting the Australian Standard 
Better management of low voltage areas such as households, allowing more solar to connect.

Compensation for equipment damage
Helping to protect customers who have their equipment damaged because of excessive voltage variation.

Introducing new distributor reporting requirements 
Requiring energy distributors to share smart meter data to give greater transparency to customers on the quality of power supply.

Aligning with current standards and national industry best practice 
Updating the code with current industry best practice to be modern and fit-for-purpose.

A further update to the electricity distribution code focusing on customer service standards is being considered with a draft decision scheduled for late April 2020. Find out the details of the electricity distribution code technical standards final decision.